Historians Will Write: At that Critical Point – Where Were the Bishops?

The bishops should worry less about what historians will write but what Christ will ask at their final judgement.

The critical point for our Lord was His arrest in the garden.

I contend that the responses of the first Bishops, at that critical point, are eerily similar to the percentage of responses of Bishops today, in this most critical moment in our time.

Today …

  • 1/12th of Bishops today outright betray Jesus by advocating what stands against the will of God: Abortion, gay marriage, normalizing gender dysphoria, sanctioning contraception, etc..
  • 10/12ths of Bishops today flee in silent self-protection. As many are saying, “Where is hiden Biden,” the same could be said about the vast majority of our Bishops in this most critical time, as the masses cry out, “Where are the Bishops?!”
  • 1/12th of Bishops today courageously stand by Jesus. There is a very small percentage of bishops who have risked being ostracized by their fellow bishops, as they courageously speak out. Bishop Strickland, comes to mind.

Joe Biden has thumbed his nose at every critical teaching of the Church in our times, including the propping up of the worst genocide in the history of civilization.

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