Dear USCCB: You Must be Clear that Catholics Cannot Support Pro-Abortion Biden-Harris Ticket

‘The bishops and all Catholic Church leaders must UNITE now with others in a clear, unambiguous message. NO candidate who endorses and promotes the current legal situation of abortion is qualified for office’

Editor’s note: The following open letter by Dan Zeidler, head of the Wisconsin-based Family Life Council, an international pro-life and pro-family organization, was sent on Aug. 16, 2020, to the USCCB Subcommittee on African American Affairs and others. Zeidler wrote the letter as an individual Catholic, not as an officer of Family Life Council, Inc., nor on its behalf.

Dear Bishops Perry, Cahill, Campbell, Cisneros, Haines, Knestout, Madden, Sansaricq, and Staff person Donna Toliver Grimes:

I write to express my strong disapproval of statements attributed to USCCB official Donna Toliver Grimes which I believe exacerbate the grave situation the country finds itself in.

It is extremely obvious that given the Democratic Party’s long-time extreme position against the right to life of unborn children, a position that only gets worse, and the radical pro-abortion positions of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, anything that seems to indicate that officials of the USCCB publicly favor the Democrats is totally unacceptable and deadly.

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