New Website to Fight the Good Fight for Fr. Rothrock

Father Rothrock still awaits Bp. Doherty’s decision regarding the future of his priesthood in the Lafayette diocese.

A group of Indiana Catholics has launched a website to help support their embattled priest, who was thrown under the bus by his bishop after he condemned a Marxist front group.

Carmel-based Catholics for Unity and Peace (CUP) recently created an official webpage for their organization, which in addition to backing Fr. Theodore Rothrock, includes broader objectives like defending Catholics’ right to defend their beliefs.

CUP came together after Lafayette bishop Timothy Doherty suspended Fr. Rothrock July 1 when the group called “Carmel Against Racial Injustice” (CARI) demanded the pastor be removed for speaking against Black Lives Matter Foundation Inc., an organization utterly opposed to Church teaching.

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