Which Poster Presents the Truth About the China Flu in New York?

New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo announced he is selling copies of his “New York Tough” coronavirus victory lap poster.  Cuomo advertised the poster in a tweet reading: “The Sea of Division. The Boyfriend Cliff. The Sun On The Other Side. See it all for yourself. Pre-order the #NewYorkTough poster here,” with a link directly below leading to further sales details.

For $14.50 a pop — plus shipping and handling — Cuomo-sexuals and others can submit contact information to pre-order the old-school political campaign-style poster depicting the “Coronavirus Mountain” on the New York state government’s website.

However, we think Governor Cuomo should be hanging his head in shame instead of celebrating his so-called success.  We have developed an alternative version of Cuomo’s poster we believe to to a closer match with reality.  And you can download and print a copy for free (click on image below).