Look No Further than the Classroom to Understand America’s Current Civil Unrest

Today we would like to share with you two posts — one from a cleric and one from an academic — which offer some insights into understanding what is happening in our streets.

Fr. John Zuhlsdorf’s post is entitled “Defund Academia.” Here’s an excerpt:

The problems we face aren’t coming from the police. They are coming from our classrooms. Grade school and high school present empty shells to colleges and universities, which in turn fill them up with dangerous BS. It’s time to cut this off. There are calls to “dismantle”? Okay!

The second piece is entitled “Higher Education Is Drowning in BS.” It is written by nationally recognized socialist professor Dr. Christian Smith. Dr. Smith’s column begins with the paragraphs:

I have had nearly enough bullshit. The manure has piled up so deep in the hallways, classrooms, and administration buildings of American higher education that I am not sure how much longer I can wade through it and retain my sanity and integrity.

Even worse, the accumulated effects of all the academic BS are contributing to this country’s disastrous political condition and, ultimately, putting at risk the very viability and character of decent civilization. What do I mean by BS?

We encourage you to read Fr. Zuhlsdorf’s and Dr. Smith’s columns in their entirety.