Let’s Help Bishop Barron By Offering Him Some ‘Concrete Suggestions’

Last week we published a column providing Bishop Robert Barron’s response to lay Catholics who were challenging bishops to do more to combat the violence we are witnessing in our streets.  You may recall that Barron published a column in which he stated:

Over and again, perhaps a hundred times, commentators said some version of this: “Well, bishop, making a statement is all fine and good, but what are you and the other bishops going to do about it?” Now almost none of these questioners made a concrete suggestion as to what precisely they had in mind

So we came up with an idea for how Catholics can offer Bishop Barron some  ‘concrete suggestions.’  When you see an article or have an idea for something you believe bishops can do, create a post on social media with Bishop Barron’s user ID and the hashtag #ConcreteSuggestions.  We have ‘primed the pump’ with a couple articles highlighting some cleric actions we believe Bishop Barron could consider.

Simply copy the following text for Facebook or Twitter to tag your suggestion so it can easily be seen by Bishop Barron: