‘Conservative’ Seminaries Not Free of Homosexual Predation

Former seminarian exposes homosexual predation problem.

At age 17, I entered minor seminary at St. Charles Borromeo Seminary in Overbrook, Pennsylvania. It was the fall of 2010. I was the second-youngest seminarian in the house. This seminary was known for its conservatism and “orthodoxy.” College-aged seminarians were only allowed to leave the campus one day a week, on Saturdays. Masses were all Novus Ordo, though they were celebrated reverently. There was no internet access except in the library. As many of the students were “culture warriors,” I did not make friends easily, if at all. Eventually, a mix of homesickness, loneliness and spiritual desolation led me to isolate myself.

One night, an older seminarian knocked on my door and asked to come in. I let him in, and he told me he wanted to talk. He was concerned about me, and how I was keeping to myself. I told him that I was struggling with seminary, and he told me that he was struggling too.

Then the conversation took a disturbing turn. He asked me if I ever masturbated. I was shocked and frankly appalled that he would ask me about my own experiences of chastity. He then told me that he struggled with masturbation and pornography. He kept asking if I masturbated, how I did it, what pornography I was into and creepier questions.

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