Tough Questions Regarding Lincoln’s Former Homo-Predator Vocations Director

Monsignor Leonard Kalin was vocations director for the Diocese of Lincoln for 30 years.

The Diocese of Lincoln has released the findings into its investigations of Monsignor Leonard Kalin who was a beloved vocation director accused of preying on seminarians and college students. This report, to my mind, raises more questions than it answers.

  1. It states that Kalin made sexual advances “on occasion” towards colleges students and seminarians. What does that mean? How did the college students and seminarians respond? Did he give them liquor, money, or take them on trips in return for whatever they did sexually for him? Are we to believe that all those advances were rebuked?
  2. Are any of those individuals now priests in the diocese? Let me repeat: Are any of those individuals now priests in the diocese?
  3. When they say there was no “culture of homosexuality” at the Newman Center, what does that mean?
  4. Kalin was said to have an authoritarian style. Did he use that style in his sexual advances to students and seminarians?
  5. The report acknowledges that there was a culture of “socializing” (what does that mean?!) alcohol and cigarette use (why mention cigarette use?!). Was that culture a concern? What was done about it?
  6. The letter states that after 1998 — exactly when please and why? — that because of sexual “impropriety” — of what nature? — Kalin was put on restrictions – of what kind? Where was he moved?
  7. The letter acknowledges that Kalin led those under his charge to act in a sinful way. More specifics please? An extra can of beer? A homosexual liaison?

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I am sorry to say that there is simply no “transparency” in this report.

Same old, same old.

Republished from Dr, Janet Smith’s Twitter Feed.  Dr. Smith is an American classicist and philosopher, and former professor of moral theology at the Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit, Michigan.


TAKE ACTION: Contact Bishop George Lucas, Apostolic Administrator for the Diocese of Lincoln, and ask him to come clean on the details of Msgr. Kalin history.