Now Monsignor Harrison is Suing His Own Diocese

Who’s Paying for His Lawsuits?

Monsignor Craig Harrison filed a defamation lawsuit in Kern County Superior Court today against the Roman Catholic Diocese of Fresno.

Harrison’s attorney, Kyle Humphrey, said the defamation lawsuit involves the Diocese itself as well as Diocese spokeswoman Teresa Dominguez regarding the sexual misconduct allegations that have been made about him.

Humphrey said the lawsuit is based on defamatory statements made by Dominguez on behalf of the Diocese in a May 2019 article on KQED.

In the article, Dominguez stated that she believed a man who had first reported sexual abuse allegations decades ago.

“I personally expressed my concern for him; told him that I believed him, and apologized for the pain this matter has caused him. I told him that I will support him and be an advocate for him in any way I can,” Dominguez said in an email statement published in the report.

Harrison has filed two other lawsuits relating to the sexual abuse allegations, but this is the first involving the Diocese of Fresno.

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