Could the Pope-Sanctioned Worship of Pachamama be a Sign of the End Times?

A fascinating dig into the parallels between Pachamama and the Biblical figure of Asherah.

The Amazon synod has made one thing perfectly clear. That — from the month-long Vatican meetings, ostensibly to discuss the needs of Amazonian Catholics — a star was born: that scantily clad diva Pachamama.

Who is Pachamama?

She’s been front-page news ever since her debut at the opening of the synod. And now, more than two weeks since the conclusion of the Rome meeting, and she’s still commanding headlines. So who is she, you ask? Actually, she’s more of a what than a who. “Pachamama” is the name of a South American fertility goddess, which, at the opening of the synod, was placed at the center of a prayer circle where participants bowed down and worshipped her.

The pope attended the service, and later, the idol was processed into St. Peter’s Basilica. Pictures circulated across the internet showing these same idolatrous rituals taking place at various Catholic churches in Rome. Jesus was nowhere in sight. Neither was the Bible.

The ceremonies had their Catholic defenders, however, claiming that all of this was somehow compatible with our religion and not a flagrant violation of the First Commandment. Some claimed that in fact Pachamama represented the Virgin Mary, as if this would make it all okay. But, in fact, it is never the case that Catholics bow down to statues of the Virgin Mary.

Thus, it would seem that a fair-minded person would agree that a little bit of research into the identity of this Pachamama would be in order. This is especially true, given that one of the synod leaders is reported to have recommended that Pachamama be incorporated into the regular liturgy. So, after doing a little archeology, this is what I found.

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