Dutch Bishop Blasts Synod for Promoting Pantheism

Bishop Robertus Mutsaerts: ‘The Amazon Synod considers hugging trees a higher form of spirituality’

A Dutch bishop is condemning the Amazon Synod for attempting to turn the Catholic faith into a “new religion” by “embracing pantheism” and recognizing “pagan superstition as a source of revelation.”

Bishop Robertus Mutsaerts of Hertogenbosch in the Netherlands has described the Working Document of the “so-called Amazon Synod” as promoting “eco-socialism, climate change, ecumenism, viri probati and the ordination of women.”

There is a “single mention of Jesus,” in the synod’s working document, he wrote in a Thursday post on his blog, “but not as Son of God and Savior,” but as “Jesus the philosopher, revolutionary and hippie.”

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