Vatican Confirms: Women Already in Diaconate Formation

Should anyone really be surprised?

In yesterday’s Amazon Synod briefing, Vatican News reported on a presentation given by Bishop Wilmar Santin, O.CARM., of Itaituba, Brazil, in which he recounted a conversation with His Hereticalness:

The Pope said he [Santin] should start with what the Church already allows: the permanent diaconate.

Acording to the Vatican News report:

They developed a plan with an Italian priest who had worked in the indigenous missions in Amazonia all his life. The first step involved creating Ministers of the Eucharist, then ministries that Deacons perform in order to move toward being ordained as Deacons.

NB: The purpose of this program has been plainly revealed; namely, to move candidates toward ordination. The report continues:

They chose to begin with the Ministry of the Word, as the Eucharist cannot be preserved in these territories for very long. Formation for Ministers of the Word began in November 2017. 20 men and 4 women were appointed and began preaching the word of God in their own language.

Get that? Under the direction of an unnamed Italian priest, whom one can be certain operated with the blessing (if you will allow) of conciliar Rome and the God of Surprises (aka Jorge Bergoglio), the diocese developed and began a formation process for future deacons in 2017, the first class of which includes four women!

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