Vatican Confirms: Women Already in Diaconate Formation

Should anyone really be surprised? In yesterday’s Amazon Synod briefing, Vatican News reported on a presentation given by Bishop Wilmar Santin, O.CARM., of Itaituba, Brazil, in which he recounted a conversation with His Hereticalness: The Pope said he [Santin] should start with what the Church already allows: the permanent diaconate. Acording to the Vatican News … Read more

The Bishops “Listening Sessions” on Clerical Sex Abuse

On the evening of November 8, 2018, I attended a “Listening Session” at a local Catholic parish in the four-county Diocese of Greensburg, Pennsylvania, headed by Bishop Edward C. Malesic. The listening session, one of seven hosted by Bishop Malesic, was held in response to the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Grand Jury report of August 14, … Read more