Facing Sex-Abuse Charges Voluntarily Adds More Weight to Pell’s Claim of Innocence

Australian Cardinal George Pell, as a Vatican official who would have retained diplomatic immunity, did not have to face trial in Australia for sexual abuse of minors but chose to do so to clear his name. The fact that he went on his own free will in an attempt to clear his name adds weight to his constant claim that he is innocent of all charges.

Pell voluntarily returned to Australia in 2017 to defend himself against charges that many consider wrongful prosecution based on anti-Catholic biasscapegoating, and other personal or political animus.

Two of the three judges of the State Supreme Court of Victoria in Melbourne, Australia, ruled against Pell on appeal Wednesday, and the cardinal was returned to prison, where has been held in solitary confinement for more than 170 days – and where he is not allowed to celebrate Mass.

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