Former Catholic Herald Editor Blasts Amazon Synod, ‘Corrupt Pope’

The Vatican’s working document for its upcoming Amazon Synod is politically correct nonsense, a venerable Catholic journalist, editor, and author has said. Damian Thompson, of late the former editor-in-chief for the Catholic Herald, said certain parts of the document are “garbage” and that given some elements involved in the forthcoming Pan-Amazon Synod, the assembly should be … Read more

Buffalo Diocese Denies ‘Crackdown’ on Seminarians – Sources Say Otherwise

The Diocese of Buffalo and Christ the King Seminary are unequivocally denying a report that the seminary is conducting a leak investigation into seminarians who spoke up about diocesan priests having vulgar conversations at a party held at a parish rectory last month. Local ABC affiliate WKBW reported Friday that seminary officials were interrogating the seminarians in the … Read more

Cardinal Burke: Pope’s Declaration Saying God Wills ‘Diversity of Religions’ is ‘Not Correct’

Cardinal Raymond Burke thinks the controversial statement in a joint Catholic-Muslim declaration signed by Pope Francis in Abu Dhabi earlier this month, which says that God wills a diversity of religions, is wrong and should be removed. The statement “has to be removed from this accord because it’s not correct,” Burke said. The prefect emeritus … Read more

40 DAYS FOR LIFE CEO: If Cuomo’s Abortion Activism Doesn’t Merit Excommunication, Then What Would?

The Catholic president and CEO of 40 Days for Life has joined a number of Catholics ​in supporting the call for Andrew Cuomo to be excommunicated from the Catholic Church over his push for and celebration of New York state’s radical abortion expansion. “The outrage has been pouring out and ranges from Protestant and Evangelicals calling out pastors who have been silent … Read more

Catholic Apologist Expresses Bewilderment Over Church Silencing Faithful Priest But Not Dissenters

A passionate evangelist for the Catholic faith called out the discrepancy between the hierarchy’s handling of priests who speak in defense of the Church amid the sexual abuse scandal versus those who foster a message counter to the faith. The disparity adds to the problem, and lay Catholics should not remain silent about it. Catholic apologist Doug … Read more

Father George Rutler: ‘The Vatican has Become a Theological Chernobyl’

The Vatican has become the equivalent of nuclear catastrophe in terms of its theology, a noted priest scholar said. Father George Rutler, citing a number of Pope Francis’ statements and acts, including the pope’s recent pronouncements on the death penalty, said the Church’s highest office is diminished when its obligations to the perennial teachings of the … Read more

Sales from LGBT ‘Rainbow’ Rosary Promoted by Fr. James Martin Funds Pro-Abortion Groups

Profits from the sacrilegious rosary promoted by LGBT-affirming Father James Martin last week will fund groups supportive of abortion and other causes in conflict with Catholic teaching. Some of the proceeds from “Rosary of Modern Sorrows” will go to Sister Simone Campbell’s NETWORK, a social justice lobbying group of U.S. Catholic nuns cited as problematic by the Congregation for the Doctrine … Read more

Our US Bishops, God’s Frozen People

I was with the bishops in Baltimore for their annual fall assembly. Paralyzing fear was palpable among the prelates. The air was thick with it, permeating the general sessions, lobby, and corridors of the hotel where they met, ate, and slept. They have proven it was necessary for Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò to have exhorted them to confront … Read more