Sexual Misconduct Allegation Still Looms Over Evansville Diocese Priest

In September, the Evansville Catholic diocese put the Rev. David Fleck on administrative leave.

He’d been accused of sexual misconduct. That’s about all we knew. And eight months later, not much has changed.

Diocese spokesman Tim Lilley confirmed this week that Fleck is still barred from public ministry.

In October, public records requests by the Vincennes Sun-Commercial, 14 News and others unearthed a letter the diocese wrote to prosecutors in Knox County – where the reported offenses allegedly took place. It provided a scant glimpse into the allegations.

According to the letter, the accuser, who is apparently not one of the alleged victims, claims Fleck “solicited” two male students at Vincennes Rivet High School in the 1980s, when Fleck worked as a teacher there. A third student was reportedly solicited in a separate incident.

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