Cardinal Robert Sarah, Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship, has said in a new interview that the current situation in the Church may be compared to Good Friday when Jesus Christ was betrayed.

In a March 27 interview with the French website Valeurs Actuelles, Cardinal Sarah spoke about his new book Le soir approche et déjà le soir baisse [The Day Is Now Far Spent] (a quotation from the episode of the Emmaus pilgrims in Gospel of St. Luke) and why he wrote it.

“This book is most of all a call to lucidity and to wisdom,” he stated, adding that “the Church goes through a great crisis.” He wished to write this book for the faithful who are discouraged by the daily scandals that are coming to light. Sarah said he hopes that his readers will receive “the joy which Christ gives.”

“It is the Resurrection of the Son of God,” he said, “which gives hope in the midst of darkness.”

Further explaining the title of the book which refers to the episode of the Emmaus pilgrims in Gospel of St. Luke, Cardinal Sarah stated: “I believe firmly that the situation that we go now through in the Church resembles in all points that of Good Friday, when the Apostles have abandoned Christ whom Judas betrayed, because the traitor had wished for a Christ according to his ideas, a Christ preoccupied with political questions.” Here, Cardinal Sarah points to “a number of priests and of bishops” who today “are literally bewitched by political and social questions.”

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