How to Fight the Coming War

When it comes to heretical priests and bishops that we have the misfortune of coming into contact with we MUST, no, we HAVE THE DUTY to make certain that they consider having come into contact with US a misfortune. The days of showing the clergy respect as a universal rule have come and gone. Even leaving the issue of sex abuse and its subsequent cover-up aside, we have to lay aside our timidity. Christ was NOT timid. We all remember the scene where Christ physically beat people out of the temple. Now I’m not suggesting anything like that. But it still sets a good example. The Church is the house of God and it is to be protected in its physical as well as its doctrinal integrity with the same amount of passion and fury that we protect our own home and family. So, when we hear something goofy come from the mouth of a priest in Mass, we approach him and demand he explain himself. Or, record the sermon and post it online and/or give it to certain Catholic watchdog groups. Don’t show more respect for the clergy who attack the Almighty God than you show for the Almighty God Himself.

Also, we have to let our priests and bishops who are faithful to the true teachings of Holy Mother Church know and feel our unflinching support. Invite them over for dinner. Throw a surprise party for them in appreciation for all that they do in creating an environment where you and your family can live an authentically Catholic life. They are taking great risks. Many of them have sacrificed careers as bishops or higher in order to stay true to doctrine. Let them know how much you appreciate all they do and that you have their back if and when push comes to shove.

TAKE ACTION: Fight for Our Faith!

Moving on to the clergy of tomorrow we must understand that our seminaries were infiltrated with modernist professors who created modernist priests and bishops. They did this in secret. They feigned loyalty to Catholic dogma while secretly holding heterodox views in order to get ordained. Later generations then no longer needed to hide their heresies. They were now in charge. WE must do the same. If we know a seminarian, or your child is entering a seminary, if they are not able to enter a KNOWN good one, make certain they act as the revolutionaries of old did. They must know they have to keep their orthodoxy secret. Get by. Get ordained and THEN do battle. There is nothing wrong in doing so. We are taking back Christ’s Church.

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