Bishop Foys’ Apology to Covington Students: A Good First Step, But Not Sufficient

On Friday, January 25, nearly a week after his initial condemnation, Bishop Foys issued an apology to Covington high school students, stating “We should not have allowed ourselves to be bullied and pressured into making a statement prematurely, and we take full responsibility for it.”  While this is a positive development, it is certainly not sufficient.

Covington students suffered significant injuries as a result of the bishop’s condemnation, including damaging their good names and suffering physiological trauma from the threats they received.

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Catholic teaching calls for reparation in the case of someone harming another (see CCC 2412, 24542487 and 2509).  Reparation involves trying to right the wrong that has been committed.

Here are some thoughts on what Bishop Foys (as well as other clergy) can do to help repair the damage that has been done:

  1. Condemn the Black Hebrew Israelites and others who tried to incite a confrontation with the students;
  2. Praise the restraint shown by the students in the face of these notorious provocateurs;
  3. Reaffirm the fact that all Catholic have the right to publicly proclaim their religious and political views, even if some people find these views to be offensive;
  4. Actively work to restore the good names of the students and the school that you damaged through your careless statement.


TAKE ACTION: Contact Bishop Roger Foys at 859-392-1500 or at and ask him to make reparation to Covington high school students for the damage he has done