In Viganò, Veritas

And so he spoke. Knowing the personal risks of truth-telling in the Church of Bergoglio, Archbishop Viganò stepped off the ledge without a safety net, confident that the truth would provide a soft landing in eternity.

No one should doubt the validity of his allegations. They ring true, confirmed by eyewitnesses, validated by his integrity and credibility, grounded in the facts, and boldly asserted in spite of dire personal consequences.

These are the markings of a white martyr.

Reeling from the powerful aftershocks of the Viganò testimony, Francis chose stone-cold silence. He uttered nine callous words: “I will not say a single word on this.”

Catholic priests, bishops, and laity are outraged over the pope’s snub of these scandalous allegations. It leaves the Church faithful with only one conclusion: Francis’s stance mimics the famous Latin legal maxim Qui tacet consentit, meaning Silence gives consent.

For decades, Bergoglio operated as the impenetrable stonewaller. He infamously ignored all complaints of clerical sex abuse in Buenos Aires, waiting out the victims until they gave up in defeat and exhaustion. After five years as pope, and twelve years as cardinal-archbishop of Buenos Aires, Bergoglio the Merciful ignores the plaintive pleas and petitions of sex abuse victims and reserves his papal mercy for the perpetrators. His tactics worked to dispirit and discourage victims with his silence and disengagement.

Not surprisingly, Bergoglio famously told his pal, Rabbi Skorka, that he never saw a case of clerical sex abuse in his archdiocese of Buenos Aires. Ignore them, and they will eventually go away.

The papal bully won’t acknowledge the complaints, but he never remains silent. He waits to strike at the opportune moment, when he is in control. Then he pounces. He hurls insults when no one can challenge or question him.

The Bergoglio bully examples abound.

In May of 2015, in St. Peter’s Square, Francis lashed out at Chileans who were protesting his scandalous Bishop Barros appointment. Bergoglio caustically labeled the small group of Chilean Catholics “stupid” and walked away, surrounded by his Vatican Secret Service. Following his papal visit to Chile, the bully Bergoglio had the temerity to call the sex abuse victims of the Barros cover-up “slanderers.”

Francis stalled, scoffed, and balked for three long years by supporting Bishop Barros despite an avalanche of protests from Chilean laity and clerics. An inopportune photograph of evidence of Barros’s guilt surfaced in the media. Francis was thus cornered and capitulated. He was caught in a lie, confronted with evidence that he knew of the victims’ allegations surrounding Barros’s cover-up for over three years.

Francis used his kiss-and-make up session with the Barros victims as a media opportunity to promote homosexuality by stating to Juan Carlos Cruz, the gay victim, “that God loves you the way you are.” How clever of the Jesuit Bergoglio to exploit the victim by affirming the media’s modernist homosexual agenda. Thus, Francis silenced media criticism of his three-year cover-up of the Barros scandal.

Who could forget his yearly Christmas Eve rant at the Curia staff? The Bully alights from his throne, again surrounded by his security force, and unleashes invective at the poorly paid, overworked curial staff on the eve of Christmas, calling them “corrupted by ambition or vainglory” and “corrupted by a cancer of cliques.” Buon Natale!

Who could forget the papal silence and inaction over the Fr. Luigi Capozzi caper, with his sodomitical drug orgy in the plush Vatican Apartments next to the CDF?

Who could forget the papal silence over the furor of the appointment of the notoriously discredited homosexual Msgr. Ricca as head of the papal household and the Vatican Bank?

Who could forget the papal silence over the scandalous reinstatement of the serial sex abuser Fr. Inzoli?

Who could forget the papal silence over the intemperate firings of the three brilliant and capable priests at the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, who worked diligently to investigate clergy sex abuse cases?

Who could forget the papal stone-cold silence over the dubia?

Who could forget the papal silence over the massive financial and sexual scandal with his vice pope, Cardinal Oscar Maradiaga, this summer?

The subversive campaign to discredit Viganò is now underway, led by the pope himself. On September 11, 2018, at his daily Mass at Casa Santa Marta, Francis suggested that the victims’ allegations against cover-ups by the bishops are the workings of “the Great Accuser.” This Great Accuser – i.e., the devil – is attacking the bishops in order to create scandal.

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