Queer Knaves in the Nave

‘Accompaniment’ comes at a price of apostasy. The scene at St. Patrick’s Cathedral reflects the decade-long Bergoglio regime – narcissistic, mocking, faithless, impious, and indecent. Fiducia Supplicans came home to roost in all its rainbow feathers and sequins. No one should have been surprised by the “whore” drag queen show at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. It … Read more

Bergoglio’s Election Was Celebrated By The Freemasons And He Continues To Advance Their Agenda

Dialogue dominates the decade of Bergoglio. Dialogue litters the language of Bergoglio’s apostolic exhortations and encyclicals. Dialogue was the justification for the deadly CCP secret deal. Dialogue was the justification for the Abu Dhabi Declaration. Dialogue is the prevailing thesis of Liberation Theology. Dialogue is the hallowed commandment of Freemasonry. Dialogue is the crux of … Read more

The Vindication of Cardinal Zen

BEFORE THE INK was dry on the CCP/Bergoglio secret pact, tragedy unfolded. It was inevitable and totally predictable.  The power hungry Bergoglio desperately wanted a deal with the global powerhouse CCP.  Disaster ensued. Bergoglio’s recklessness united the world in condemnation of his covert and nefarious pact with the devil. See here, here, here, here, here, … Read more

WATCH: Babies Are The Real Losers In The Midterm Elections

  Pro-abortionists march forward to destroy the unborn. Meanwhile, many so-called ‘shepherds’ of the Church have abandoned their flocks as the West reels in the battle for life. But where confusion abounds, LifeSite offers a clear voice and vision. Join John-Henry Westen, Liz Yore, and Fr. Altman as they unpack this week’s key issues, post-election … Read more

SINod on SINodality: Prominent Bishops Resist Great Reset of Catholic Church

The Great Reset of the Catholic Church is underway. The venue is not Davos, but rather the Vatican. By cunning and manipulation, the globalists seized power in 2013 by installing their St. Gallen candidate. At long last, Bergoglio’s raison d’être is about to materialize with the transformation of 2000 years of Magisterium and dogma. The … Read more

The Vatican’s 3rd Deal with the Devil

No one rains on Chairman’s Xi Jinping’s reign. On October 22, 2022, at the CCP 20th Party Congress, Chinese President Xi Jinping was elected to another term, adding another five years to his previously served 10 year presidency.  Xi will remain in the politically powerful position as General Secretary of the CCP. His stated goal … Read more

Naïve, Corrupt—or Both?

As the ancient Chinese proverb warns, a bad beginning makes for a bad ending. In June of 2013, Pope Francis dispatched to China the infamous Theodore McCarrick to begin deliberations with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to normalize relations with the Chinese Catholic Church. Those negotiations resulted in a secret pact signed by the parties … Read more

Chinese Firewall in the Vatican?

When the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) seeks to demolish Chinese Catholic churches, Vatican silence echoes. When the CCP goes on a crusade to destroy crucifixes and holy statues in systemic eradication of the faith, Vatican silence echoes. When the CCP prohibits Chinese children under the age of 18 from practicing religion, global human rights groups … Read more

The Red Pope

“Nobody has any illusion about Red determination to eliminate all religion.” – Shanghai Bishop James E. Walsh, Imprisoned by the CCP for 12 years (1958-70) for refusing to join the Patriotic Church. ON MARCH 13, 2013, white smoke billowed out of the Sistine Chapel chimney, signaling a newly elected pontiff. Cheers erupted from the crowd … Read more