Tucho Spills the Beans: Fiducia Supplicans was Issued to Prevent Derailment of the Synod

The Fiducia supplicans declaration (discussed, criticized and disapproved by a multitude of bishops and Episcopal Conferences) had a very specific motivation that we will see in October if it achieves its objective or not. This week, the National Catholic Reporter reported statements by Cardinal Mario Grech, general secretary of the synod, where he confirmed at … Read more

Bishop Mutsaerts: “In 2000 Years, We Have Never Seen So Many People Oppose A Roman Declaration”

Bishop Mutsaerts fearlessly and courageously defends Catholic doctrine from northern Europe through his personal blog. In recent months, this Dutch bishop has positioned himself against Fiducia supplicans, has come out in defense of Bishop Strickland, dismissed a few months ago by Pope Francis, and has been critical of the development of the Synod of synodality. … Read more