Excommunicated Hermits Fight Back

The three Westray hermits – Father Stephen de Kerdrel, Sister Colette Roberts and Brother Damon Kelly – reacted on December 28 to their Christmas “excommunication” by Argyll and Isles Bishop Brian McGee. They call it “heartless,” and stress that “it hardly shows the spirit of mercy so extolled by Pope Francis.”   The three do … Read more

Why the Amazon Synod is an Attack on Our Lord’s Institution of the Apostolic Ministry

The Synod’s proposal that women be admitted to the ministries of lector and acolyte at first sight appears unexceptional but in reality it signifies an assault on Our Lord’s reservation of the apostolic ministry to men. This reservation is set out in Pope St John Paul II’s Ordinatio sacerdotalis which states: “Priestly ordination, which hands … Read more

Was a Demon Enthroned at the Amazon Synod?

During the first press conference of the Amazonian synod Bishop David Martínez De Aguirre Guinea, O.P., one of the special secretaries appointed by Francis, gave a response that lends weight to reports that the shamanistic ritual conducted in the Vatican Gardens was, indeed, the worship of the pagan idol, Pachamama. Bishop Martínez said: “Those who … Read more