Pope Francis to Roman Curia: ‘Rigid Ideological Positions’ Prevent Us From Moving Forward

Pope Francis warned the Roman Curia on Thursday that “rigid ideological positions” can be an obstacle to “moving forward.” In his annual Christmas address to the cardinals who work in Vatican offices on Dec. 21, the pope underlined that it is important to “keep faring forward, to keep searching and growing in our understanding of … Read more

Synod Archbishop: If a Proposal is at Odds With the Gospel, ‘That’s Not of the Holy Spirit’

During the Synod on Synodality, we must be careful about “blaming everything on the Holy Spirit,” Archbishop Anthony Fisher of Sydney has said, noting that if a proposal is radically at odds with the Gospel then “that’s not of the Holy Spirit.” “The Holy Spirit is Christ’s Spirit. He is the Spirit of the Father … Read more

Synod Archbishop: If Someone Is Living In Sin, We Can’t Tell Them That’s All Right

In response to a question about blessing same-sex unions, a Latvian archbishop at the Synod on Synodality warned that telling someone living in sin that “everything is all right” places that person in great spiritual danger. Speaking at a synod press conference on Oct. 18, Archbishop Zbigņev Stankevičs of Riga, Latvia, said that the Church … Read more

Rupnik’s Victims Say Rome’s Statement ‘Ridicules’ Their Pain

Victims of Father Marko Rupnik’s alleged spiritual and sexual abuse on Tuesday expressed “bewilderment” with the Diocese of Rome’s recent statement praising the art and theology center founded by the former Jesuit artist, saying that it “ridicules victims’ pain” and shows little care for those seeking justice. In an open letter published on Sept. 19, … Read more

Germany’s Synodal Way Leader: Exclusion of Women From Ordination Drives Women From Church

A leader of the controversial German Synodal Way said in a speech at Europe’s synod meeting Wednesday that the exclusion of women from ordination drives women from the Church. Irme Stetter-Karp, the president of the lay Central Committee of German Catholics (ZdK), addressed delegates in the meeting in Prague on Feb. 8. “The stubborn adherence … Read more

DELUDED: Cardinal Hollerich Says Without Vatican II, ‘The Church Today Would be a Small Sect’

Cardinal Jean-Claude Hollerich, the relator general of the Synod on Synodality, has said that he is convinced that the Second Vatican Council “saved the Church.” “If we did not have that point of reform that was the Second Vatican Council, the Church today would be a small sect, unknown to most people,” Hollerich said in … Read more

Pope Francis Says Clericalism Linked to Fixation on Sexual Morality

‘Clericalism has a direct consequence in rigidity,’ Pope Francis said In a meeting with Jesuits in Mozambique earlier this month, Pope Francis said that clericalism is a direct result of rigidity and linked to a fixation on sexual morality. “One dimension of clericalism is the exclusive moral fixation on the sixth commandment,” Pope Francis said … Read more