Catholic Church Was Warned About McCarrick Decades Ago, Yet Promotions and Honors Kept Coming

In the late 1980s, several seminary students approached one of their professors imploring him for help, saying they didn’t want to take any more trips to Newark Archbishop Theodore McCarrick’s Jersey shore home, but feared reprisals if they complained to archdiocesan officials. The Rev. Ed Reading, a priest of the Paterson Diocese, was alarmed when … Read more

Fr. Gerald Sudol Worked in North Jersey Parishes for Decades After Being Accused of Sex Abuse

The Rev. Gerald Sudol, who spent decades serving in North Jersey Catholic parishes, allegedly began abusing children even before he was ordained as a priest. Later he moved from one church to another, at first injecting new life into parishes where he’d been assigned, befriending families and becoming a spiritual mentor to their sons. Then … Read more