Silence is Complicity

Another unfolding sexual abuse crisis is ongoing here in the Archdiocese of Washington. Within the past month I have learned our internationally renowned priest and former Vice Rector at the prestigious NAC Seminary in Rome is to be made a pastor at a parish. Only with Cardinal Gregory’s informed consent and written formal documentation can this placement of Fr Adam Park actually take place. Fr Adam was reported internationally as being a homosexual predator who asked three American NAC Seminarians to gratify his personal needs. This is nothing but ongoing sexual predation and now the Archdiocese by the authority of Cardinal Gregory thinks highly enough of this sexual predator to return Fr Adam Park to active priesthood. I am confident Fr Adam Park will be removed again when Fr Adam decides yet again to please his own personal wants. Cardinal Gregory appears to agree. It is sad!

Then the Rector at the local undergraduate seminary Pope St John Paul II Seminary near Harewood Rd NE in Washington DC apparently has a very high ranking Priest in a leadership position asking a young college age seminarian to have sex with him. What is all this stuff with ordained Catholic priests here in the Archdiocese of Washington? A man in authority or leadership is not to abuse those under his authority and care! They as students are considered to be vulnerable adults. Why do priests perform these criminal actions? And why is all this being covered up by ordained men of God?

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