WATCH: ‘It’s Not Enough’ – Parents, Advocates Demand More from Cleveland Diocese after Resignation of Pastor

There are calls for more action from the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland after a News 5 Investigation exposed a convicted sex offender being allowed to help lead masses. The pastor at St. Thomas More Church in Brooklyn was forced to resign, but advocates say that’s not enough.

“Father Michael Feldtz met with Bishop Malesic this week,” said a deacon during Sunday’s mass at St. Thomas More. He read word for word what News 5 Investigators have reported. “The bishop asked Fr. Feldtz for his resignation from the Office of Pastor….”

“This letter is not giving the parishioners of St. Thomas More the information they deserve,” said Anne Barrett Doyle from She told us the diocese gave no real information about why Fr. Feldtz or the diocese allowed former cantor Keith Kozak, a convicted sex offender, to help lead services. Kozak told us church leaders knew his criminal background. When we found Kozak, he said he was permitted to volunteer, despite admitting to Fr. Feldtz he is a sex offender. “I sat down with him and we had a nice long talk, plus I filed paperwork with the diocese,” said Kozak.

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