Bishop Abruptly Resigns from Tucho’s Former Diocese

Archbishop Gabriel Antonio Mestre stood down as the Metropolitan Archbishop of La Plata May 27, at the age of 55, two decades ahead of the typical retirement age for diocesan bishops.

Mestre had previously served as bishop of the similarly named Diocese of Mar del Plata from 2017 to 2023, when he was named Archbishop of La Plata, succeeding the now Cardinal Víctor Manuel Fernández, the Vatican’s doctrinal chief.

The Vatican did not give a reason for Mestre’s resignation. But in a May 27 statement, the archbishop said he had been summoned to Rome in recent days to “discuss some aspects” of the situation in the Mar del Plata diocese, a suffragan see of the La Plata archdiocese.

“In the Eternal City, after confronting some different perceptions with what happened in the Diocese of Mar del Plata from November 2023 to the present, Pope Francis asked me to resign from the La Plata see,” said Mestre, who was installed as La Plata’s archbishop in September 2023.

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