Hell’s Fury for Harrison Butker

In her October 1936 diary entry, Saint Faustina described the chilling behaviors she witnessed in her glimpse of the Netherworld. She was aghast, as were the shepherd children at Fatima when they were granted a vision of Hell in July 1917. The scenes were horrible, monstrous, terrifying. Fatima’s Sister Lucia later described the “shrieks and groans” they heard.

I’ve thought of these descriptions while glimpsing the hellacious reactions to Harrison Butker’s commencement speech at Benedictine College last weekend. Leave it to an NFL kicker to give the culture and Church a swift kick. The best, boldest commencement address of 2024 was delivered not by some politician or pointy-headed professor, but by a guy who kicks field goals for a living.

The response to Butker’s terrific oration has been downright terrifying. It was as if he lifted the lid to the roof of Hell. I would like to say that I’m not surprised by the furious condemnation, by the torrent of vitriol, by the streams of bile spewed at Butker. I’m rarely shocked when our culture’s snowflakes have spectacular meltdowns. This time, however, they’re not just hysterical, with the typical temper tantrums; this time they’re screaming at the top of their collective lungs, heads spinning feverishly. They instantly exploded at Butker’s speech and have continued with vicious, sustained, and escalating misrepresentations of what the man said.

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