The Bogeyman: The Leftists’ Hatred of the Catholic Church

A hallmark of irrational ideologies is the fear of a bogeyman: some inexplicable evil hiding just out of view. For leftism, the bogeyman is and always has been the Catholic Church: an institution swarming with the evils of oppression, ritual, and moral objectivism. A prime example of this bogeyman phenomenon may be observed in Canada. In 2021, leftists claimed to have found “evidence” of unmarked mass graves at predominantly Catholic-run boarding schools across Canada. It was alleged that over 200 children had been dumped into a pit at just one school; some schools were alleged to be the burial site of nearly 300 children. For leftists, this was confirmation that the Catholic Church is the bogeyman haunting society.

In the wake of the “mass graves” claims, “memorials” were set up, flags were flown at half mast, protests were staged, statues of monarchs were toppled, and churches across the country were burned to the ground. As of the beginning of this year, at least 85 churches have been torched in Canada since May, 2021, some of them a hundred years old or older. The head of the British Columbia Civil Liberties Association gleefully called for Canadians to “burn it all down.” Even Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who calls himself a Catholic despite his rampant abortion and LGBT advocacy, said that rage directed at the Catholic Church was “fully understandable.”

The allegations of “mass graves” were founded on the use of “ground-penetrating radar.” Since then, the Canadian government has spent nearly $8 million in attempting to recover the supposed remains of children. As of last week, no “mass graves” have been found.

Three years ago, the unfounded allegations of “mass graves” were covered extensively in Canadian and international news. Politicians and tribal leaders talked of the ordeal incessantly — some even compared Catholic priests and nuns at the schools to Nazis. Now, not a word of apology, not a single admission, “We were wrong.” Of course, that’s not surprising. The “mass graves” episode was never about seeking truth, it was never about redressing wrongs, it was always about the bogeyman.

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