3 Reasons It’s Good to Be a Catholic: A Reflection from a Recent Convert

A few months ago, my wife and I got to know a beautiful couple who were raised Protestant but recently decided to convert to Catholicism. They are preparing to receive the sacraments of initiation.

As part of their OCIA program, they were tasked with writing down why they believe it is good to be a Catholic.

Upon reviewing the husband’s reflection, I requested permission to share it anonymously with a wider audience, which he generously agreed to.

He begins his reflection by noting that before he decided to convert, he had long considered himself a “fan of Catholicism” due to its history and traditions, which he writes “have no parallel in any of the Protestant denominations of which I had been a member.”

His “point of no return,” he states, came after visiting the famous Italian Catholic sites of Venice, Florence, and Rome, where he was faced with “such unimaginable beauty” dedicated to Jesus that he could no longer remain merely a “fan” of Catholicism.

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