Monster Bishop Protected by Pope – Full Text of Explosive 2019 Document

From Cathcon:

Two questions arise from the article below and the translation of the document.

1) Why is international media not giving the highest priority to investigating the systematic cover-up of abuse by Pope Francis?

2) Why does the Pope not follow the example of his pious predecessor and resign.  Never has there been a more ignorant, weak and malign Pope in history.  He said at the beginning of his reign, he wanted to make a mess and what a mess he has made.  Pray God that his successor can begin to restore the damage and with God’s grace, he will.

New document in the Zanchetta case complicate the Church’s case

The Vatican was aware of the allegations against the ex-bishop before giving him a position, they say, and he is accused of abuse and commercial mismanagement with the Pope’s “endorsement”.

Internal Church documents show that Church authorities, including Pope Francis, were aware of allegations of sexual abuse and economic mismanagement against the now ex-Bishop of Oran, Gustavo Zanchetta, before giving him a high position in the Vatican and transferring him to Rome. The religious sent intimate photos from his mobile phone, harassed seminarians, failed to register the sale of an important property and handled funds discretely, according to the first formal complaint in the ecclesiastical sphere made by five well-known priests from the northern city, a presentation to which El Tribuno had access.

Zanchetta is facing a criminal case for sexual abuse (Cathcon: he was found guilty and placed merely under house arrest- friends in high places by the look of it) following a judicial complaint that was filed days ago, after the case became public. But suspicions against Zanchetta have arisen within the Church since 2105, as described in the internal complaint.

After a secretary of the Diocese discovered sexual photos that Zanchetta had sent and received from his mobile phone, priests alerted the authorities. According to the text, after that the Pope called the then bishop to talk about it, but he was not removed from office. Then in 2016, three of his vicars general and two monsignors made a formal internal complaint to the Nunciature, insisting on Zanchetta’s “strange attitudes” towards seminarians such as “watching them at night by walking around their rooms at late hours with a torch, or asking for massages, or going into their rooms and sitting on their beds, or inciting them to drink alcoholic beverages, or certain preferences for some more graceful ones”.

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