Why Would Candace Owens Convert to Catholicism?

Earlier this week, Candace Owens announced that she had converted to Catholicism. Posting about her conversion on social media, she wrote:

Recently, I made the decision to go home. There is of course so much more that went into this decision and that I plan to share in the future. But for now, praise be to God for His gentle, but relentless guiding of my heart toward Truth.

For those who have been following her career, this was hardly a surprise given the fact that she has been more and more vocal about the Kingship of Christ and her husband, George Farmer, has spoken publicly about his conversion to Catholicism and his affinity for Tradition. While her conversion did seem inevitable, it was a joyful thing indeed to learn that a new soul had entered the Roman Catholic Church, especially given her platform and influence.

Recently, there have been a number of high-profile conversions, including former X-rated actresses who have been vocal about their massive change of heart and desire to make amends for their former professions, as well as Tammy Peterson, the wife of Jordan Peterson. In addition, despite the continual shenanigans that emanate from Rome and the fact that the Church under Pope Francis is less than appealing—to put it mildly—there does seem to be a growing trend of public figures heading toward Rome.

Why is this the case? Why would someone like Candace Owens convert to Catholicism, and in such a public way? Of course, I do not know Owens, and I will not pretend here to psychologize or offer any insight into her personal reasons. However, I believe her religious trajectory—something she has been public about—offers some insight into why someone like her, or anyone for that matter, would convert to the Church of Rome despite the myriad problems in the Church today.

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