Welcome to the Reign of Gay, Ecclesiastical Edition

In a certain sense, the Sexual Revolution is over; at the very least, the walls have been breached and the consequences are serious and long-lasting. The Reign of “Gay” is proud, loud, and quite unwilling to tolerate dissent or discussion. And until we face that fact and come to grips with the situation as it really is, we will not be able to respond, regroup, and rebuild in any meaningful way. After all, if the kings and queens of this reign—assisted by their grim, willful lackeys—are going to denounce and shout down Andrew Sullivan, who is openly homosexual, what do you think they want to do to the Catholic Church?

That paragraph concluded an editorial I wrote ten years ago, in April 2014. Titled “Welcome to the Reign of ‘Gay,’” it drew up Robert R. Reilly’s excellent Making Gay Okay to reflect on fast-moving changes in the dominant, secular culture. However, “fast-moving” was already morphing, with dizzying velocity, into what I soon began calling “the Tyranny of Trans.” In short, the secular West had undergone a revolution that was not just sexual, but completely anthropological—and thus social, cultural, and political as well. Having made nearly every sexual act acceptable and relationship celebrated, the attention has turned to finding one’s “identity” and insisting that it be accepted and celebrated—by everyone.

But, thankfully, the Church has been a bulwark against the obsessive drive to unmoor humanity from biological fact, natural law, and reality itself. Right? Alas, the past decade has witnessed an abundance of confusion, disheartening enough, but also a push to normalize—usually in the name of pastoral sensitivity and awareness of “lived experiences”—homosexuality, queerness, and transgenderism. The velocity in some quarters has been voracious.

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