8 Ways to Resist Bad LGBT Policy at Catholic Colleges

Q. Do you have any advice for a parent who found out her child’s Catholic college is allowing biological men and women to room together if one or more of the students identifies as the opposite sex?

St. Paul says in Ephesians, “Be angry but do not sin.” But he doesn’t say, “Don’t be angry!”

Anger is exactly what I felt when I read your question about this morally compromised institution for failing in its one overarching duty. As apostolates of the Catholic Church, Catholic colleges have the duty to bear perspicuous witness to the saving message of the Gospel — including its call to discipleship and moral rectitude — through the ministry of offering excellence in higher education. When they undermine that witness by instituting gravely immoral policies, they betray Christ and his Church.

However much we may sympathize with the distress experienced by gender-confused individuals, we mustn’t lose sight of the fact that although a man can feel like he is a woman and a woman can feel like she is a man, he can never become a woman, and she can never become a man. Pretending otherwise, and forcing others to do so, harms the confused individuals as well as the community.

The question is how best to reply to this instance of what Pope Francis aptly calls “ideological colonization.”

You are a stakeholder in this college and so have a right to speak up against its unjust policies.

You might consider letting the college know that not only do you as a committed Catholic take offense at this policy, but that you are prepared to take action to have it rescinded. I offer here a few examples of actions you might take. The list does not exhaust the possibilities, but I hope it will help you begin thinking about the question.

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