Bishops Protect the Faithful — Reject Pro-Pedophile Canon Law

In 2018, Ex-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick was removed from ministry for committing acts of child abuse. The Cardinal was subsequently laicized in 2019.

Countless Catholic journalists took to their pens and authored articles about homosexuality in the priesthood and seminaries, and they attempted to attribute international cover-ups to various theories of intent by bishops.

The real cause of the international coverup was the new laws of the 20th and 21st century of the Catholic Church that required bishops, such as Archbishop Vigano, to cover up the crimes of Cardinal McCarrick. (Which he arguably did until blowing the lid off papal involvement in international pedophilia and human trafficking by the ex-cardinal.) Although the journalists had the facts, the editors would not allow them to write about these new laws.

The lack of coverage of the laws causing Catholic bishops throughout the world to cover-up the sex crimes of clerics and fellow bishops, left the laity defenseless and unable to process what happened to their children and their Catholic Church.

Today, Catholic Confidential is breaking this silence and arming the lay faithful with the true cause of the abuse crisis from thoroughly Catholic sources. Five bishops provided comment including new order Bishops Joseph Strickland of Texas and Emmanuel Bushu of Cameroon, and three traditionalists: Bp. D. E. Meikle, Abp. Carlo Maria Vigano, and Bp. Donald Sanborn.

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