Bravo! Archbishop Vigneron Issues Pastoral Letter Reaffirming Church Teaching on Gender Ideology

Secular media and LGBT advocates have reacted to the Archbishop of Detroit’s pastoral letter on gender identity, viewing it as an attack on LGBT-identifying individuals rather than a guideline for understanding the challenges of gender identity in light of Church teaching.

Archbishop Allen Vigneron of Detroit, Michigan, released a pastoral letter on February 26, reminding Catholics of Church teaching on human sexuality and calling them to act as advocates of the truth.

“Individuals who face the challenge of gender confusion deserve, first and foremost, to receive our love, compassion, and support,” he wrote, later continuing:

Our response is not to become “cultural warriors” looking for a battle against those with whom we disagree. Neither is it to be bullied into silence or cowered by the volume of voices who propose a disjointed view of reality. Rather, we must steadfastly and lovingly proclaim with conviction the Gospel that each and every person’s body, as created, is made in God’s image and likeness, and therefore possesses an inviolable dignity.

The Detroit Free Press published an article in late March criticizing Vigneron and the language used in the letter. The article also featured several interviews from LGBT advocates claiming to be practicing Catholics, who were concerned and upset by the letter.

Carolyn Shalhoub, vice president of Dignity Detroit, a group for LGBT-identifying Catholics, told the Free Press that “When I first saw … the pastoral letter, I felt sick to my stomach.”

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