Italian Catholics Reverting to Paganism

A startling number of lapsed Catholics in Italy are reverting to the deities of ancient Rome and turning to pagan seers, astrologers and psychics, attesting to a potentially catastrophic collapse of Catholicism in its traditional bastion.

Over 160,000 sorcerers are doing brisk business in the occult and New Age practises, with over three million Italians consulting the so-called “maghi” every year for advice. This involves shelling out an astronomical  , according to data from the Osservatorio Antiplagio.

Between 10 to 13 million Italians – almost all of them baptised Catholics – have turned to sorcerers or witches at least once in their lives; while 30,000 Italians from all classes of society seek out psychics and visionaries daily, in a quest for a better future, the Codacons agency states.

The epicentre of witchcraft and occultism is in the Lombardy region of northern Italy, with 2,800 occult operators and 200,000 clients – numbers that far exceed the percentages of resident Catholic priests and Catholics who attend Holy Mass on a weekly basis.

A survey conducted in 2023 by the market research company SWG found that 34 per cent of Italians believe or engage in necromancy, 24 per cent in black magic, 19 per cent in predicting the future with cards, 18 per cent in white magic, and 17 per cent in psychic or occultic healers.

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