Christians Who Truly Love Their Neighbors Won’t Attend Disordered ‘Weddings’

Alistair Begg, a 71-year-old evangelical Scottish pastor of Cleveland’s Parkside Church, who has an influential radio ministry called “Truth For Life,” should repent of the dangerous advice he gave on his program.

In response to a question from a grandmother as to whether she should attend her grandson’s wedding to “a transgender person,” Begg said that, so long as the grandson knows that she “can’t countenance … the choices that he has made in life,” she should “go to the ceremony” and “buy them a gift.” The context of Begg’s advice indicates it applies also to gay unions. Indeed, a wedding involving transgenderism invariably entails a homosexual component, for the “transgender person” is either the same sex as the spouse or pretending to be so

From a biblical perspective, attendance at a gay or transgender wedding is no more an agree-to-disagree point of practice than is a Christian attending the marriage between a man and his mother, or a Christian going to an idol’s temple as a non-worshipper to maintain contacts. There is no faithful early Christian leader who would have advocated such attendance. Remember that in a transgender or gay union, the parties declare their intent to sin without remorse as long as they live and invite attendees to celebrate that commitment with them.

Nor is it loving to attend such a ritual event, since the attendance speaks louder than any words claiming disagreement. Attendees are expected to offer expressions of joyful affirmation at the ritual and reception: applaud, smile, congratulate in a receiving line, lift one’s glass repeatedly with others to toast the couple, share in a festive meal, and likely dance. The whole atmosphere conveys the celebration of a good, which one’s presence and participation acknowledge tacitly, if not directly. By attendees lending tacit acceptance, those engaged in this sacrilegious parody of a true wedding are led further down the path of sexual self-degradation and ultimately destruction.

Given Begg’s status as an elderly and trusted spiritual leader, his advice is a sign of how deeply LGBT rot has seeped into the evangelical house. It shows the degree to which many Christians are ill-informed about clear scriptural guidance on a homosexual or transgender wedding, unskilled at analogical reasoning, and so captivated by cultural influences that they balk at the scriptural view that homosexual practice and transgenderism are worse than even adult-consensual incest.

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