TLM at US Capitol Drives Modernists Crazy

The Pillar reports:

Catholics gathered in room H-137 of the U.S. Capitol Tuesday, for a celebration of the Traditional Latin Mass (TLM), believed to be the first time the extraordinary form of the liturgy has been celebrated at the seat of the federal legislature.

The noon Mass, organized by the Arlington Latin Mass Society, was originally scheduled to take place in a different room, H-122, the private dining room of the Speaker of the House, but was moved shortly before the event began to accommodate the congregation.

According to organizers, the Mass was not approved by the Archdiocese of Washington, despite restrictions on liturgies celebrated with the preconciliar liturgical texts.

The congregation for the Mass numbered nearly 50 people, and ranged in age from a 1-year-old baby to Massgoers in their middle 60s. The attendees, which included both visitors to the Capitol as well as Congressional staffers, gathered to mark the one year anniversary of the FBI’s “Richmond memo.”

In response, Jesuit Fr. Thomas Reese tweeted-out America Magazine’s article claiming that that the Mass was illicit.

Funny how modernists always find a way to criticize the TLM while showing little concern about violations of the Novus Order.