Send In The Clowns

Two recent events in the seemingly endless parade of the bizarre that this pontificate is producing hit this writer all at once. One was of worldwide importance and the other, purely local. The first was the revelation that Cardinal Fernandez had authored some excruciatingly theological hard-core porn and published it some years ago. The second was the surprise suppression of the Tridentine Mass at New Haven, Connecticut’s St. Stanislaus Church after 38 years—in accordance, of course, with the effluvia blowing from the Holy See in the wake of Traditionis Custodes. Strangely, the depravity of the one seemed perfectly matched with the soulless cruelty of the other.

Of course, with the constant barrage of this sort of drivel, it is easy to become despondent and/or bitter—to hate the moral and mental munchkins whence comes all this abuse. But that is a temptation straight from the devil himself, who wishes us to share in his hatred and despair. There are two sane and complementary responses to the problem.

The first is perhaps the most obvious—doubling down on prayer and the sacraments. The more our ecclesiastical masters break the furniture and abuse the faithful, the more should we pray for them and their victims—clerical and lay. Finding reverent Masses and Liturgies; frequenting the sacraments ever more; doubling down on our adoration, Rosaries, and veneration of the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts; finding ways to perform more often and better the Spiritual and Corporal Acts of Mercy—and remembering constantly those who have made themselves our foes in this strife—are all part of our essential arsenal. But there remains the second: maintaining a sense of humor.

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