Tucho Says Gay ‘Blessings’ Can Only Last 15 Seconds

Does Tucho really think limiting the elapsed time is going to resolve the controversy?

The Vatican has moved to ease the backlash following its decision to permit priests to bless gay couples.

The clarification specifies that such blessings should be brief, lasting no more than 15 seconds, and should not be misconstrued as legitimizing homosexual relationships.

Last month, the Holy See’s declaration allowing priests to bless same-sex couples, under certain conditions, was met with opposition, particularly from conservative quarters in Africa, Asia, and Eastern Europe.

Concerns arose that the decision signaled a significant softening of the Catholic Church’s traditional stance on gay marriage and homosexuality, both of which are viewed through the lens of disorder and sin in current doctrine.

To address these concerns, the Vatican emphasized that the brief pastoral blessings for gay couples are distinct from formal liturgical or ritualized blessings associated with heterosexual marriages.

The Vatican’s doctrinal office released a five-page statement emphasizing the brevity of the blessings, lasting around 10 to 15 seconds, with a focus on seeking peace, health, and other positive outcomes for the couple.

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