The Last Battle: C.S. Lewis and Why the Corruption of Language Can Destroy the World

Thanks to a brilliant college professor and to author C.S. Lewis, I’ve finally figured out something that has always confused me.

Namely, why the transgender madness that is corrupting the West angers me so much. Why does Dylan Mulvaney celebrating the government’s identifying him as a female, or Lia Thomas — a man — destroying females he’s racing against in a pool, make my blood boil? Why does it outrage me more than certain sinful acts themselves? Both my liberal and conservative friends were surprised in 2002 when I just kinda shrugged when the Supreme Court, in Lawrence vs. Texas, overruled the state laws against sodomy. I’m a Christian and sodomy is a sin. Why didn’t it rankle me as much as some guy twenty years later claiming to be a girl?

Anthony Pagliarini has provided an answer. Pagliarini, a professor of literature at Notre  Dame, is one of the contributors to the recently published book  The Chronicles of Transformation: A Spiritual Journey with C.S. Lewis. The book collects essays about Lewis and his great work The Chronicles of Narnia.

Pagliarini addresses The Last Battle, the final book in the Narnia series. The story centers around the destruction of Narnia. The corruption begins not with a battle but with the twisting of language. An Ape (capitalized by Lewis) named Shift has brought evil into Narnia. This takes the form of corrupting language and using it to confuse rather than reveal the truth.

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