What Attracts Homosexuals to the Priesthood?

About a month ago, in Crisis, Kevin Wells suggested that one cause for Bishop Strickland’s dismissal was the ire of other bishops at his raising the issue of homosexuality in the priesthood at the USCCB conference in 2018. Regardless of whether that was a cause for his dismissal, the issue—for some it is not a problem—of homosexuals in the priesthood is divisive.

Assuming, as I do, that there is an influential number of homosexuals, or those sympathetic to homosexuality, in the priesthood, I want to ask not so much how this has come to be but, more importantly, why it continues to be so. In other words, why would a young homosexual man today choose the priesthood?

This column is published pseudonymously. Before writing this, I consulted two sources who are much more “in the know” than I am on this issue. Both thought it was a good question to ask, and one gave some support to my ideas. Interestingly, though, both said they did not want to write about it now for fear of the fallout. I may add that both sources are of absolute integrity and courage. I say this only to show that, however one thinks on the issue, it is one that does not allow for the taking of prisoners. I have no personal fear of the repercussions, but I do have concern for those dear to me. With that out of the way, let me proceed.

So, how did we get here? The obvious answer is the devil. What better way to cripple the Church? Heresies can be fought because men can argue and the Truth can be known. Destroying our belief in the men themselves, though, pulls the rug out from that. Cardinal X may be as brilliant as St. Thomas Aquinas, but if he’s a pervert, you won’t listen to him in the first place. And sexual loyalties, especially clandestine ones, are notoriously stronger than ideological ones.

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