FBI’s Day of Reckoning?

Will Catholic Bishops do anything in response?

You knew it.

I knew it.

And yesterday, the whole world found out.

The FBI deliberately weaponized undercover agents and counterterrorism tools to target Catholic Americans.

Yesterday afternoon the House Judiciary Committee released a stunning report proving the hard truth: the Biden administration’s Department of Justice has been working to cover up the true nature and extent of its efforts to marginalize Catholics.


As you know, CatholicVote has been fighting since March to obtain copies of the documents and communications that led to the infamous “Richmond memo” authorizing agents to begin spying on Catholic churches.

After months of stall tactics and obstruction we were left with no choice but to sue the FBI to force them to be forthcoming.

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Under Court order, the FBI finally recently handed over 278 heavily redacted pages of suspicious emails, records, and memos. They also withheld 240 completely redacted pages. And are refusing to release additional documents for months.

From what they already shared, we were able to see that the Richmond memo targeting Catholics created significant alarm within the agency – and that the FBI was far more concerned with negative publicity and covering their tracks than it was with transparency and respecting our First Amendment right to practice our faith.

Congress’ report yesterday confirmed everything CatholicVote has found so far.

According to the Judiciary Committee report, the FBI effort involved at least four field offices – including Los Angeles, Milwaukee, and Richmond. It also authorized the use of undercover agents to infiltrate Catholic parishes, and used a Catholic priest and a choir director to inform on one of their own parishioners.

Think about that.

The FBI was using a priest and a choir director to gather intel on Catholics who attend mass. These are tactics worthy of a communist state. Not the American justice system.

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TAKE ACTION: Contact your bishop and urge him to publicly denounce the targeting of Catholics by the FBI.