WATCH: Imagine if Every Bishop Possessed the Conviction, Courage, Clarity and Charity of Bishop Strickland!

Bishop Joseph Strickland joined Steve Bannon on Warroom on Saturday, November 18, 2023 to discuss his removal as bishop of Tyler, Texas. Addressing a largely secular audience, Bishop Strickland gave a compelling Catholic witness that should act as an example for all Catholic bishops.

Just image if our bishops spoke with the conviction, clarity and charity of Bishop Strickland. Might we not experience a real new evangelization?

As Christians, we believe that God can bring good out of evil (just consider Christ’s sacrifice on the cross). Bishop Strickland’s white martyrdom has the potential to bring many souls to the Catholic faith.

TAKE ACTION: Contact your bishop and ask him to follow Bishop Strickland’s example of evangelizing the culture in this time of darkness.

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