WATCH: Top Catholic Group Calls for Biden’s Excommunication

  On his Saturday Warroom program, Steve Bannon interviewed John Henry Westen of LifeSite News about his petition calling for the excommunication of Joe Biden. The petition was launched in response to President Biden’s recent state of the union address. “[Biden] epitomizes the false church,” said Westen. At the state of the union address, the … Read more

WATCH: Boston Catholic Radio Personality Lou Murray Discusses Takeover of Recreation Centers by Illegal Aliens

  Boston Catholic Radio personality Lou Murray joins Steve Bannon to discuss the issue of illegal aliens in his local community. Lou also blasts Catholic Charities for its role in facilitating bringing illegal immigrants to Boston, including the Tsarnaev brothers responsible for the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013. Here’s a link to the Bensman event … Read more

WATCH: Steve Bannon BLASTS Catholic Bishops

  On his War Room program on Monday morning, February 26, 2024, Steve Bannon blasted Catholic bishops for their role in the illegal alien invasion and their complicity in the transgender debacle at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Bannon was reacted to the news that Bishop Mark Seitz, head of the Migration Committee for the United States … Read more

WATCH: Liz Yore Tells Catholics Bishops: ‘Get Out of the Illegal Immigration Business’

  Appearing on Steve Bannon’s Warrroom on February 2, Liz explains why Catholic organizations need to get out of the business of aiding and abetting illegal aliens. Liz Tells Catholics How to Hold Their Bishops Accountable on Illegal Immigration   Appearing on Steve Bannon’s Warroom on February 1st, Liz Yore encourages Catholics to hold their … Read more

WATCH: Imagine if Every Bishop Possessed the Conviction, Courage, Clarity and Charity of Bishop Strickland!

  Bishop Joseph Strickland joined Steve Bannon on Warroom on Saturday, November 18, 2023 to discuss his removal as bishop of Tyler, Texas. Addressing a largely secular audience, Bishop Strickland gave a compelling Catholic witness that should act as an example for all Catholic bishops. Just image if our bishops spoke with the conviction, clarity … Read more

WATCH: Bishop Athanasius Schneider Discusses the Marxist Infiltration of Our Culture and the Church

  Bishop Athanasius Schneider is interviewed by Steve Bannon on May 4, 2023. Bishop Schneider discusses his personal experience of growing-up under a Marxist regime of “human friendly Communism” and the similarities he now sees in our current culture and the Church. To complement Bishop Schneider’s interview, we are also including a presentation by Dr. … Read more