Will There be a Eucharistic Revival?

Why invest so much time, personnel, and money into a form of Eucharistic Revival and a National Eucharistic Congres that cannot achieve its stated purposes?

My mother said, “If you don’t want people to read it, then don’t write it down.” What if you didn’t write something down because you didn’t think that it needed to be said? What if you didn’t write something down because you don’t want to say it?

I think of these things while following the three-year “Eucharistic Revival” that is underway (so I’m told) in the United States, a revival whose featured event is a National Eucharistic Congress. (Henceforth I’ll refer to the Revival and Congress together as ER/C.) I’m on the relevant mailing lists and follow the corresponding web pages. Today (10/23/23) prompted me to recall my mother’s wisdom. I searched for the words “confession” and “reconciliation” at EucharisticCongress.org There I found one reference to the sacrament. Under the menu of Frequently Asked Questions by those attending the Congress: “Will confession be available? Yes, there will be daily confession available for attendees.”

The organizers of the Eucharistic Congress, the great capstone event of the three-year Eucharistic Revival (already underway), the people who like to remind us that, “Revival is in the air!”, have nothing else to say about confession and the Eucharistic Congress. I could end here with, “And that’s why there won’t be a Eucharistic Revival.” But let’s look closer.

We needn’t review here the inseparable link between sacramental confession and Eucharistic piety. Regarding the consequences of unworthy reception of Holy Communion, it will suffice to refer to 1 Corinthians 11:27.

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