Cardinal Ghirlanda Claims Rumors that Rules for Electing New Pope are Changing are ‘Absolutely False’

A prominent Vatican cardinal and canon lawyer favored by Pope Francis has told LifeSiteNews that reports he is drawing up a document with the Pope to reform the process for a papal conclave are “absolutely false.”

In an exclusive statement provided to LifeSiteNews on Sunday evening, Cardinal Gianfranco Ghirlanda, S.J., rejected as “absolutely false” reports that he is in the midst of plans to reform the manner of electing a new Pope.

“Before your email I had no news about the Conclave reform that you mention,” wrote the 81-year-old Jesuit cardinal, raised to the cardinalate by Francis in August 2022. “I went to the Internet and saw that it is said that I am working with the Pope for such reform.”

“This is absolutely false,” he added when questioned if he could confirm the reports which were published over the weekend regarding his rumored reforming of papal conclaves. “Since I am not aware of this, I see no point in a meeting,” he added.

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