On Gay Catholics, Synod Ensured ‘Nothing Is Closed,’ Says African Jesuit

Although the final document for Pope Francis’ summit on the future of the Catholic Church did not mention better inclusion of the faith’s LGBTQ members, it also made sure that “no issue is finalized” ahead of the next assembly in 2024, said one of the leading African voices at the monthlong gathering.

In an exclusive interview with NCR, Jesuit Fr. Agbonkhianmeghe Orobator said he was reassured that, in the final text from the Oct. 4-29 Synod of Bishops, “the space is there to continue to have this conversation.”

“Nothing is closed,” said Orobator, a former president of the Jesuit conference of Africa and Madagascar. “It’s clear that there is no issue that is off the table. And therefore, even now, because this document is not a final document … no issue is finalized or closed.”

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